Bolts from the blue


Despite just sneaking into the postseason at the last minute, San Diego’s prospects may be better than they seem.

What do all of the last four Super Bowl winners in common? They were all the first opponents that the Philadelphia Eagles faced at home during the NFL regular season! It is just a statistical fluke, but fans of the San Diego Chargers are hoping that the trend continues in the weeks ahead. Despite just sneaking into the postseason at the last minute, the prospect is not as crazy as it might seem at first glance, especially after the Bolts brushed aside the Bengals on the road during Wild Card weekend.

Quarterback Philip Rivers and co. have found their form just at the right time and it is momentum that often plays the crucial role in the destination of the Super Bowl title. Sunday sees the Chargers travel to Denver in the Divisional Playoff round where they take on the number one seeded Broncos. A tough task indeed against record-breaking Peyton Manning and a team that won 13 of 16 regular season games, racking up over 600 points in the process, but the visitors have one strong ace up their sleeve. On December 12th San Diego helped turn their season around by travelling to Mile High Stadium and beating the Broncos 27-20. Both teams will no doubt have that result on their minds when kick off approaches, but can we really expect a man of Manning’s class to forget the script as he looks for a second career-Super Bowl title? It should be an enthralling encounter, but the home team’s overall quality is likely to shine through in the end.

NFL Playoffs: San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos odds:

Chargers              4.20

Broncos                1.24

(Odds provided by AllYouBet Sportsbook current of today, but subject to change)