A brief history of Vincent Tan’s crazy Cardiff City reign

Vincent Tan has repeatedly confounded Cardiff supporters

Vincent Tan has repeatedly confounded Cardiff supporters

As you’ve probably read by now, Bond villain Vincent Tan is set to out-crazy himself once more as he flies into London to sack Malky Makay.

It’s a devastating turn of events for Cardiff fans. Malky Mackay has been the only sane, rational voice coming from the club, and it seems that his time is running out.

Cardiff City chairman Mehmet Dalman has convinced Tan to hold fire (terribly sorry for that pun), and is apparently seeking to persuade the Malaysian to keep Mackay in charge. Cardiff fans, however, aren’t holding their breath. It seems that the young Scot’s days are numbered.

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Malky’s record so far

Malky Mackay took over a depleted Cardiff City side in the summer of 2011. With just 10 senior players at his disposal, he quickly moved to swell the ranks, bringing in a number of players on a limited budget.

The following season was an important – though admittedly uninspiring – period of consolidation, with Cardiff ending the season in the playoffs.

The 2012/13 season, however, saw Cardiff take the Championship with ease. Cardiff reached the summit in November and, though there were stutters along the way, held onto the top spot for the remainder of the season.

The Welsh club then went on to break their record transfer fee three times over the summer, bringing in striker Andreas Cornelius, defender Steven Caulker and midfielder Gary Medel. This appears to be an issue for Tan as he claims that, with add-ons, they went over budget. Other sources at the club however suggest that Tan was more than happy with the add-ons at the time.

It’s hard to argue that this season has been anything other than a success so far. Cardiff currently sit in 15th, with a 4 point cushion from the bottom three, and only 3 points off the top ten. They haven’t played great football, however no sane man would demand tiki-taka football from a newly promoted team. Enter stage right: Vincent Tan.

The loveable* Vincent Tan

Vincent Tan’s reign has been far more controversial. He took over in 2011, and was initially hailed as a saviour of the club. His popularity plummeted however when he hinted that he might change the club’s kit to red. An uproar followed, forcing Tan to backtrack on the kit change.

He reversed his backtrack several months later (fronttracking?), changing the club’s kit to red. He also got someone to knock together a new logo on MS Paint, copying and pasting the dragon from the Welsh flag in the process.

Tan then went on to sack head of recruitment Iain Moody in a move we now know was due to a supposed overspend.

This may sound like a fair enough reason, until you realise he was replaced with 23 year old – and friend of family – Alisher Apsalyamov, a man whose only experience in football was a short work stint at Cardiff City painting the fences. Yup, this guy.

Don’t worry though, he’s no longer in charge due to a Home Office investigation.

Throughout Mackay’s rein, Tan has also looked to influence tactics, selection and even substitutions. He’s signed at least one player without Mackay’s knowledge and once told the manager that his team should shoot more often. ‘If you ask 10 girls to go out with you,’ he proudly claimed, ‘no matter how ugly you are, I bet that one will say “Yes”

‘I believe the increase in goal attempts is in line with the law of averages. So, if we had 20 goal attempts, at least two will go in!’

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the man calling the shots at our club. Oh, for the days of Hammam and Ridsdale.

*Wait, that’s the wrong word. Let’s go with ‘confusing’, just to be on the safe side

AntonyPAUL STOLLERY (paulstollery) is a Cardiff City fan and Ron Swanson enthusiast. He writes about football and rugby for Betting Instinct