Manny Pacquiao out for revenge in Timothy Bradley rematch

All eyes will be on the MGM Grand for one of the most hotly anticipated rematches this century

All eyes will be on the MGM Grand for one of the most hotly anticipated rematches this century


Over time, there has been a plethora of rematches which have been seen either as simply money generating fights or completely unjustified. This is neither of those.

You would be VERY hard pushed to find someone who didn’t score the first fight quite heavily in Manny Pacquiao’s favour. Even the fight’s judges – after a re-score – saw it that way. However the decision that mattered went in favour of Bradley. Be that as it may, it was still a hugely entertaining fight and the rematch looks to be no different.


Timothy Bradley v Manny Pacquiao Betting Odds:

Bradley to win +175

Pacquiao to win -222

(All odds provided by are accurate as of today and subject to change)


The bout will see a clash of styles between two distinctive fighters. Pacquiao has his famously relentless swarming style which will continuously see opponents having to duck his hands, whereas Bradley is a more reserved boxer who looks to operate and work patiently from the jab. Styles very much make fights – as proven in their previous outing – so we’re sure to see another emphatic night of boxing.

The fight takes place on the 12th of April at the exquisite MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, for the WBO Welterweight title, and looking across the list of other fighters that these two have beaten really gives some indication of the magnitude of this epic.


Since losing to Bradley, Pacquiao lost an explosive encounter with Juan Manuel Marquez – which saw questions raised over the quality of Pacquiao’s chin owing to the loss being a KO –  before then comfortably dealing with Brandon Rios over 12 rounds.

The fight against Rios was more of an induction back into the division for the eight-division world champion. He won more or less every round and didn’t look overly troubled at any point. If there were any concerns to be raised, it would be that he was unable to knock Brandon Rios out over the course of 12 rounds.


With 2 losses in his last 3 fights – tarnishing his record (now 62-55-5) – this is a huge fight for Pac Man as he looks to establish himself back at the top of the game and hopefully in line for a shot at Mayweather Jr. We all know what we can expect from Pacquiao in this match; a hearty performance with fluidity, speed and a vehement drive to win. The judges caused an upset for him last time, so he’ll be looking to leave nothing to chance this time around.


After winning the WBO Welterweight title from Pacquiao, Bradley has added a couple more names to make for a very impressive CV. First, he beat Ruslan Provodnikov with a unanimous decision, though many (including myself) had the fight in Provodnikov’s favour. He had Bradley out on his feet (and the floor) several times during the fight and was seemingly unhurt at any stage during the 12 rounds. To his credit, Bradley showed great recovery and tremendous boxing skill to make it to the end.

A fight against Marquez was next – the obligatory matchup for anyone making a name for themselves. A close fight that went to split decision, Bradley just did enough to avoid defeat against the battle-worn Mexican. He’ll need to show the same level of technique for the rematch against Pacquiao for sure as he doesn’t have the power in his punches to knock him down.

Out of his 31 victories, the unbeaten Bradley has knocked out 12 opponents, and this could be of great importance this weekend: due to the controversial nature of the last outing, it’s highly likely that the judges will score in Pacquiao’s favour if the fight is a close one to call. Knocking out the challenger will be an excellent way for him to silence his critics he has ascertained since their last encounter.


Once again, Pacquiao – as he usually is – has to be favourite for this. Pacquiao only has a finite number of big fights left in him, I’m still convinced he’ll comfortably outscore Bradley, with a potential of a TKO coming in the later rounds. Take nothing away from Bradley, he is a fantastic boxer and has done exceptionally well to win his title. For me though, Pacquiao is just a class above and will rightfully regain a world title at this level.


Betting Instinct Tip – Manny Pacquiao to win by decision or technical decision is +110 with


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